How to Help Struggling Learners Finally Win at Learning

(at Home, In 10 Minutes Per Day)

If your child (or student) is not performing up to grade level in one or more areas of learning, and you’ve been searching for a better, more effective, less stressful way to help, please don’t miss the video below!

It may provide the game-changer your child has been waiting for.

The lightbulb moment that was absolutely amazing was the spelling. He was so amazed with himself. Before he couldn’t spell anything and suddenly he’s getting 10/10!

Parent & HGL Graduate


The reading strategy made the biggest difference. He seemed to jump from a kindergarten level to a second grade reading level in just a couple of weeks.

Parent & HGL Graduate


We have discovered a new excitement for learning. Our kids love the time that we spend on this more than our other homeschool. I love this course!

Homeschool Parent & HGL Graduate


You taught me so many things that I never learned in my master’s courses in reading. Learning how the simplest strategies can impact children is priceless. Things do not need to be complicated and overwhelming to get results.

Special Education Teacher & HGL Graduate


Attention is a HUGE struggle at our house. We saw a marked difference after just three days of the first attention strategy!! So thankful for this program!

Homeschool Parent & HGL Graduate